It's the use of colors to invoke an emotion that leads to a conversion. Certain colors give off certain feelings. For example, the color scheme of black, silver, light gray and white typically refer to luxury websites.  The color purple symbolizes royalty.  Green refers to nature, all natural, calm and wealth.  

Take a look at the following images regarding color psychology and then think of your brand.  Who is your target market?  Man or woman?  What are their characteristics, interests, hobbies and likes?   What are you selling; product or service?  These are just a few questions to ask yourself before you begin working on the design of your website.  

Knowing who your target customer/ideal client is is the first step in deciding which colors are best suited for the design of your website.  

It's crucial that you do this homework to prepare for Day 4 Training as we embark on a journey into Shopify website design in which you will be learning which theme makes the most sense for your product and/or service, followed by, layout, sections and using lifestyle imagery to capture the attention of your target market. 

Websites to remember: - Color Scheme Generator 

Unsplash - *free* high definition images 

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