Refund Policy

Sydney Ray Design & Marketing, LLC will always do our best to meet and exceed your needs and expectations and we also believe in Agreements and written communication in the form of emails, preferably, and/or Messenger including text messages so there is no misunderstanding either way.  

We offer every potential client written proposals and quotes for services requested and services that we recommend.  Upon acceptance of such proposal and/or quote, we then propose a conference call if not an in-person meeting followed by a Website Design and Marketing Agreement that will require your thorough understanding and agreement.

It is important to our team that you are receiving exactly what was proposed and agreed upon.  Our goal is to establish and grow a successful relationship that is beneficial to the growth of your business at every stage.

What Clients Are Agreeing To

Client:  You will need to clearly communicate what you expect us to do and we will clearly communicate what we propose to do to enhance your brand, strategy, website, social media marketing and advertising. All of these expectations will be clearly presented in the design and marketing agreement. Sydney Ray Design and Marketing, LLC in turn will give you an agreement that states the deliverables and agreed upon compensation once those deliverables are met. Typically our development and services have milestones and we offer two different payment for services processes that may either be a Paid In Full arrangement or Monthly; 12-month agreement. Once each of these milestones are met, payment may be required either on a deposit plus monthly payment, a monthly arrangement or by each milestone with deposit paid upfront. You agree to email us any and all files of images, content as necessary or information you wish for us to include on your website if we are not hired to write unique content and create unique design assets for your online project.

We will also need you to review our work, provide feedback and approval in a timely manner. We work off of deadlines, and those go both ways. You agree to meet deadlines that we set together. Finally, you also agree to remit payment on schedule and if not, you agree to paying a small late fee.

If any of the deliverables do not meet your approval or one of our team members does not do as agreed upon, you may request a refund for any undelivered work or services. To request a refund, you simply must submit an email to stating what deliverable has not been met and reasons for this request. We will then review this request and reply back within 3 days giving your Project Manager enough time to review your email and meet with the design and marketing team.

Sydney Ray Design and Marketing, LLC: We offer a combined 60 years experience and the knowledge, ability and passion to do everything we state we will do in our Agreement with you and will do so in a professional and timely manner. Sydney Ray Design and Marketing, LLC will endeavor to meet every deadline that is set and if we foresee a delay, you will be notified within 7 days of a pending deadline.  From experience, it takes time to grow and scale a successful campaign and the cooperation and understanding of our client is crucial to the overall success. 

Our refund policies and approval of such are a bit complex due to the structure of the company.  If you paid in full and are not satisfied with your website, you have 14-days to notify us to make any changes.  We don't offer refunds on paid in full contracts.  On monthly contracts, Clients again have 14-days after the website launches, to request a refund or not move forward with the agreement which being, your 2nd monthly payment will not be due payable. However, by opting out, you lose your website that we just took the time to design, write and build and it becomes our unique property.

We offer a 30-day Marketing and Advertising Agreement refund on any non-deliverable which means you will need to give us a 30-day cancellation notice on any marketing or advertising work.  We do not offer refunds on any of our work unless we completed work that was not according to Agreement.  Our team of designers and digital marketers often go above and beyond for our Clients and we often do more work than what is originally agreed upon.  

Example Scenarios:

  1. You enter into a 6-month agreement and pay month-to-month.  By the end of the full third month, if your marketing and/or advertising campaign is not receiving any sales or leads from our efforts, you may cancel your agreement without any penalty or expectation of future payment on such services.
  2. If your agreement states that you are to pay 30 days in advance for any services, we will refund your entire amount paid, no questions asked, after the first 3 initial months of any new marketing or advertising campaign.    
  3. You agreed to a Monthly Website Agreement and paid $897 your first month.  Your website launches on the 4th week of the first month but you decide to cancel your contract within the first 14-days of launch, you will not be penalized and will not be charged for the 2nd month.  You will, however, lose your website.  All websites must be paid for for a total period of 12-months or paid in full in order to be transferred to the Client.  This way, we are paid for our time and efforts and you receive a high quality website, social media marketing and advertising work.


  • Any deliverable that has been accepted and paid for is excluded from any refund.
  • Any request made after 30 days of payment is excluded.
  • Sydney Ray Design and Marketing, LLC cannot refund unless the request for refund is made within 30 days of payment (you are agreeing to pay us for the first month regardless of the outcome).

Additional details are outlined in Design and/or Marketing Agreement.

Sydney Ray has been designing websites for over 20 years. Ms Ray approaches website design the same way an artist approaches canvas with a paintbrush. It is a true artistic gift to design websites in such a way that the target audience engages, scrolls, subscribes and buys.