Sydney Ray Design and Marketing is a bit different than other agencies. 

Our team is made up of agency owners who are the best at what they do.  We all work together on in-house projects where we revenue share, work with individual clients, and turn to team members to outsource services we need on client projects.



Sydney Ray
Founder | Website Designer + Digital Marketer
Superpowers:  OG "Wave One" Dot Commer with a background in ecommerce website design consulting, mean competitive intelligence skills (CI), visionary, & supermom.


James Gaffney 
Front End Designer + Graphic Designer
Superpowers:  Graphic design King, father to 5 beings, reputation for being raw and real, got his start designing websites 20 years ago.


                                                Chris Murphy 
Sales Funnel Designer + Story-Driven Copywriter 
Superpowers:  Can weave copy into engaging stories that convert customers into buyers, is a graduate of CF Design School with Kathryn Jones a recipient of a 2CC Award for designing a funnel that hit over a MILL in sales.


                                               Catherine Weed
Website Designer + Project Manager
Superpowers:  Has a very popular Instagram for cats, knows how to hack code, custom design; killer Shopify Designer/Developer.  Client relationships are #1. 
 Sean Caillouette 
Custom Website Designer/Developer & Graphic Designer
Superpowers:  Has been designing websites and graphics for over 20 years; photographer and can custom code anything.
Curtis Moore 
Copywriter |  Content Writer 
Superpowers:  Writes copy that sells.  That's a superpower in itself.  In order to convert leads to buyers, it's the copy.


Scott Lucas 
Director of IT 
Superpowers:  King of IT everything, past Click Funnels tech support-guru, DNS, SMTP, POP, IMAP pro. Does 25-sit-ups per day challenges.


Justin Ingram 
Director of Healthcare Advertising 
Superpowers:  Healthcare Advertising.  Waltzed across the FHL 2020 stage to scoop up his first Click Funnels 2CC record closing over $1M in sales via ads.  
Jacob JD 
Director of Lead Generation
Superpowers - Specializes in the following industries:  credit repair, real estate buyers and sellers, loan officers, solar and roofing as well as remodeling. Mentors include:  Gallant, Rob Sekel, Bobby Stocks & Joel Kaplan.


Lana Kenny 
Social Media Marketing | Content Specialist
Superpowers:  Speaks 3 languages:  Russian, English and Spanish, social media content content writer; spins out marketing content faster than anyone can keep up.


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