Sydney Ray Design and Marketing is a full-stack agency founded by Sydney Ray who has been online since 1991. Her first introduction to the Internet was through a portal called Prodigy, and then later via Compuserve and AOL.  Based on her fascination with the Internet, combined with her love for storytelling, writing and art; she took to website design in the mid 90's and taught herself how to design and hand code websites in HTML and Javascript; CSS using Adobe Dreamweaver.  She then taught herself to build ecommerce websites in a programming language called Joomla and then later, MySQL and PHP.  

Over the last 10 years, Sydney and her team of website designers have been working with CMS platforms (Content Management Systems); specifically designing and building in WordPress, Weebly and over the last 4 years exclusively on Shopify as a Certified Shopify Partner.

Sydney has designed and developed hundreds of websites using a variety of custom tools and CMS platforms and focuses most of her time building large ecommerce based websites, lead generation landing pages, coaching platforms and information-based websites that offer subscription. Her focus over the years has been on startups, and over the last few years has grown to include medium size companies and enterprise-based ecommerce builds with upwards 5,000 - 15,000 products and more.    

Our mission as an agency is to build beautiful and highly successful ecommerce websites for Clients using our proprietary Discovery & Design and Profile Blitz Marketing process(es).  Our business is rooted in "relationship marketing" and we believe strongly in developing and managing respectful and communicative relationships with our Clients.

Our team is made up of 6-8 figure experts in website design and development, content and copywriting, SEO, lead generation, project management, social media marketing and management, and Google Ads.  Our core team is 11 experts strong and our international teams bring our work force to over 40 professionals ranging from website designers (UI/UX), product developers, content writers, copywriters, marketing and advertising experts, project managers and virtual assistants to assist the team as a whole.  Our team members are located all over the world representing Bangladesh, Ukraine, Philippines, Lithuania and of course, the United States. 

Unlike other website design and marketing agencies here in the United States, Sydney Ray Design and Marketing, feels strongly about "fair pay" and pays international team members the same rate as United States team members.  

Under this philosophy, we have managed to grow a very loyal and successful team.  

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.  If you haven't scheduled your Discovery Call, we invite you to do so now.