Who is Sydney Ray?

Sydney Ray Design and Marketing is a full-stack agency founded by Sydney Ray who has been online since 1991. Her first introduction to the Internet was through a portal called Prodigy, and then later via Compuserve and AOL.  Based on her fascination with the Internet, combined with her love for storytelling, writing and art; she took to website design in the mid 90's and taught herself how to design and hand code websites in HTML and Javascript; CSS using Adobe Dreamweaver and uploading designs via FTP to websites.  She then taught herself to build ecommerce websites using Joomla and then later PHP, which is an open-source server side scripting language used for web development and MySQL for databases used in ecommerce.  Her earlier work was all custom design and development.

She worked in Silicon Valley and San Francisco between 1997 - 2003 for companies such as Reuters and MarketScience. In 2016/2017, she subscribed to Click Funnels and took all the online courses she could get her hands on, including, courses from Grant Cardone, Jordan Belfort and Frank Kern and quickly learned the difference between content and copy-that-sells (marketing infused content), target audiences, sales funnels, short and long sales copy, VSL (video sales letters), and why designing website-like-funnels are *still* better than sales funnels alone.  She then took all that she learned to Shopify where she and her team exclusively design and develop B2C ecommerce websites, lead generation platforms, coaching and information-based websites for the startup to medium-size business community.

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The success of our Clients is #1 next to God, kids and family. We offer a fully-transparent relationship with our Clients so they are fully informed in our process, design and development of their online assets. It's this level of respect and attention to details that makes our relationships successful.

If you are seeking powerful website design that attracts and then engages with the audience that encourages conversions and sales.......then we should talk.

A few student and client websites

We take great pride in our website design. Enjoy.

bluestone prairie media

The Founder of this agency, Jody Peters, is a Design & Marketing Apprentice and Agency Partner of Sydney Ray Design. Sydney was the Sr. UX Designer on this website project.

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impress skincare

A full-stack client of ours, we took a CTA landing page approach to the Home Page that keeps users engaged throughout the site with an average of 4 pages viewed and a historically low bounce rate of 14.11%; average check out of $135 per customer and a 853% ROAS (email marketing).

Why Customers Love This Site

Bella Bags and Boxes

Another full-stack client of ours that launched a very unique concept for online gifting. Limited quantities and local delivery. The site offers exclusive product and gifts not readily found offline. This website also has a very low bounce rate of 16.36% and attracted over 200 subscribers that generated a 400% ROAS.

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Schedule a time to speak with Sydney Ray regarding your business and vision. Due to she and her team's schedule, she only takes on 2-4 Clients/Students each month and is typically booked out 2-months in advance. Schedule today.