Dropshipping: Attention To Detail + Pricing

Dropshipping: Attention To Detail + Pricing
What goes into a dropshipping store? Ever wonder as a consumer how legit ecommerce sellers go about sourcing product? 
The Top 10 Rules for a successful dropshipping ecommerce website:  
  1. Find a *quality* product. Spend the time scouring through pages of product listings.
  2. Check store reviews (of the manufacturer/reseller).
  3. Fact-check product; is it WHAT it is promoted to be?
  4. Look for certificates of quality. Make sure lot #'s match. *Certain products matter more than others.
  5. Check prices. Import product - and check variants making sure there is *QTY to sell.  Be sure to price fair and accordingly based upon what the product is.
  6. Write ACCURATE product content for your customers.
  7. If your customer receives something different.....Raise hell with the *manufacturer and INSIST on them getting it right. *I am referring to international manufacturers.  Not everyone responds well to a direct approach but since this is my reputation on the line, I don't mess around.  I stay on top of issues until they are resolved and then I write off the supplier.  This method has worked with my stores.......I've received extended product protection and issues get fixed.
  8. Check with customers to double-check they have received their product. Ask for product reviews.
  9. If they are happy with product, keep it. If they aren't, drop supplier depending on the number of satisfied customers. See #7.
  10. It's YOUR customer's experience that will result in a repeat and happy customer who may (or may not) give you a good review so be sure to get it right.
If you are going to work with a website designer who is going to design such a store......be sure you work with someone who thinks like me OR is me.