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We offer a done-for-you ecommerce website solution that is scalable with our social media marketing and online advertising packages that are written to convert unlimited leads and sales.

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The Difference

At SRAY. | DESIGN & MARKETING, we believe in developing a relationship with you above all else.  It is this foundation that we can learn the most about you and your vision for your business.  Combined with our knowledge, experience, and passion for design and marketing; together we can launch and scale a high converting gorgeous e-commerce store.  As a Certified Shopify Partner, we offer hands on courses and learning materials ensuring your success with your new ecommerce website.

Case Studies

Green Eyed Goddess

Green Eyed Goddess is a startup 4,500 sf offline luxury gift boutique, coffeehouse and meeting space located in downtown Covington, LA.  The owner needed a website that focused on ecommerce, but also provided information on the other services.  Much emphasis is placed on social media marketing and Facebook ads which drives the vast majority to purchase offline in the gift boutique.  

Bella Hemp Vita

The owners of Bella Hemp Vita came to us for a website redesign, new ecommerce format, branding and color theory.  We opted to mirror their product manufacturers website as opposed to coming up with a completely new color theory and design.  The goal is to sell more product by being familiar, not different.  We also set up affiliate marketing and secured the brand across all social media channels.

Mind Of A Surthriver

Mind Of A Surthriver is the first lead generation ecommerce coaching platform and offers a built in audience base through a popular page called Mind Of A Narcissist Survivor and a few branded coaching groups that focus on providing emotional support to survivors of Narcissistic abuse and Domestic Violence.  The goal with the website is to offer Coaching and access to high quality self-care products.

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Our Team

Our team consists of 10 agency owners, each with their own expertise and area of specialization. We come together to collaborate on projects. Sydney Ray Design is a full-stack agency that can do every aspect of Marketing, Design, and Copywriting with people top of their fields on every aspect. Learn More...

Testimonials & Reviews

We value our relationships with friends and service partners in the industry; as well as team members and clients. Each of these people have known Sydney and her team for years.

Robert Polon

Technical Recruiting Specialist

"Sydney is by far one of the most genuine individuals I have had the great fortune of connecting with. Her overall knowledge is unsurpassed and it continues to grow. She is an expert entrepreneur with extensive knowledge and willing to share."

Anthony Rivera

Network Marketing

Truly a beautiful person inside and out! Very passionate of what she does. Highly recommended!

Christopher Medina

Amazon FBA

amazingly brilliant entrepreneur.
google ads pro ✔
savvy copywriter ✔
great all around person to work with ✔✔✔
I'm VERY lucky to get to work with her!!

Zeky Ahmed

Digital Marketing

Sydney is awesome and incredibly gifted! Definitely recommend working with her.

Sarah Peterson

Online Coach

Sydney created a fantastic personal profile page for me as well as a business page for me. It took me to a whole new level professionally and I really appreciated her attention to details. Her posting guide was unlike anything I had ever heard. I followed it and started seeing results within the first week. If you want to gain organic traffic and increase your credibility you need to have her blitz your profile.

Lynda Y. Martinez

Network Marketing

Sydney Ray is an amazing woman and friend. Why? Because she is super saavy, honest, and respectful. Her leadership and customer service skills are top-notch!

Chantel Morehouse

Network Marketing

Sydney is a great leader and business woman. She is a pleasure to work with and truly does have the best interest of her coworkers at heart. I am so blessed to have met her.

Nika R Wolf

Digital Marketing & Ads

Love working with Sydney, she is a wealth of knowledge!

Christina Kyrk


She is so experienced in online marketing, we all can learn from her and she is kind!

Joshua Maness

Sales Funnels and Digital Marketing

I can't say enough good things about Sydney. Not only is she one of the most knowledgeable people I've had the pleasure of learning from, she is such a joy to talk to. I was stuck on a problem in my business for a long time, so I reached out to her and within about an hr my issue was fixed. Thank you Sydney for all you do for this industry.

Ace Reddy

Digital Marketer

Sydney's really skilled at adwords and is a great coach too! She's the only person I'd message if I need help with adwords.

Dario Castiglia


This lady Sydney, is absolutely amazing, I talked to Sydney for 10 minutes free, and I got some great advice, implemented what she had told me.  Just awesome, this woman knows her stuff and is very smart. I encourage you to use her! This was a 10 minute free phone call, imagine if I hired her! Wow! I will hire her for my firm! Ty Sydney.

Leona Waters


Sydney is absolutely amazing! She knew that I was having a difficult time with the technology behind ClickFunnels, so she spent a good portion of her morning checking the details and helping me get it up and running. She was extremely patient with my lack of tech ability and very kind.